The Jain Temples of Rajasthan: Bhandasar, Jaisalmer, Lodhrava & Ranakpur

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The painted ceiling at the kaner, Rajasthan, Travel The painted ceiling at Bhandasar Temple, Bikaner

“Look at the ceiling and see the beautiful gold leaf work,” the priest-cum-guide at the Jain Temple urges our group.

Everyone obediently looks up at the ceiling appreciatively. Some of them, including yours truly, try to see the finer details of the paintings on the ceiling by zooming their camera lens on it.

“What are the images depicted on the ceiling all about?” I ask.

“Those are our Jain stories,” says the priest-cum-guide.

“What do they say?”

The priest-cum-guide smiles, “Madam, you will not find them interesting. You look at the beautiful frescoes and painted pillars and take beautiful pictures.”

Bhandasar Jain Temple, Bikaner Painted pillars at the Bhandasar Jain Temple, Bikaner

“But how will I know what I’m looking at if I cannot understand what I’m seeing?” I protest.

“You are a non-Jain and these stories are not important for you. Admiring the beauty of the…

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We Worship Durga, We Warn You: JNU Tribal Students Union


JNU Tribal Students Union issue notice against those Communists/Seculars/Leftists students who called Durga as pros*titute.


“We are tribals, we Hindus, we worshiped Durga for ages and will proudly do so in the future. Never try to play with our feelings. We warn you” reads the poster.

The poster further reads “We tribals know what you imperialist missionaries have done to our brothers. We will never bow down to missionaries and protect this holy land of India and we proud Hindus will protect its culture.”

This is the spirit I expect from all Hindus. Massive respect to Tribal Students . We are indebted to you.

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